Quest for Steak in Milan – A Come-back to Eat-a-lee

This year’s – probably – final trip took me back to Milan, in Italy. This time, it was not re-visiting any of my seaside favorites like Bibione, Rimini, Riccione and such. Instead, this was just a quick city-visit. It looked good (at night), tasted good, so despite the rather business-oriented surroundings, it was worth – here you go with steak and other taste specials:

Madeira Filet Steak. Ain’t that a strange shape? By the way, I actually saw a tutorial on how to make a tender steak from a piece of meat that is not a filet mignon but a piece of ‘working’ muscle. Working muscles have a lot less fat in them and they are normally not tender when made for a ‘steak’. So, in such a case, what works best is to marinate the meat in, submersed in a thick sauce made by shredding up a whole piece of pineapple. Enzymes then take care of the rest and you get a dish that is pretty authentic…

Risotto with wild mushrooms: this is another type of meal I often go for. This one was made with mushrooms, kinda cool but the best art I ever had of these was made with pumpkin.


Birra Moretti

Below, a restaurant with a very special preference: no photos of the food to be taken. Said… But anyway, it was a good one, a bit dark on the European scale. Otherwise, Milan was very far from my other Italian trips in terms of experience. It is a bit too business-oriented, less relaxed than the rest of the country. Luckily, people I met absolutely cooperative and showed me several good spots:

Overall, Milan felt much like Vienna in Austria. Several spots had their Viennese counterparts, I can say.