Italy – Riccione

My first visit to Italy took place back in 2001. It was not even a visit, more like a rush through Venice at dawn instead. But that exposure was more than enough to make sure I would return sometime – actually, many times since then.

After a couple of rounds to Bibione, I decided to take the last one in Rimini. It gives you just what you’d expect. A full week of fun at the Italian seaside.

One of the best activities I could find was the so called Crazy UFO, the rubber doughnut towed by a powerboat, giving you proper sideways acceleration.

The music played during that was probably some long forgotten summer hit titled “The Summer is Crazy”. This actually gave the motto for the above named season of 2013.

One thing you definitely should not miss when around is the Republic of San Marino.

The proud owner of Hotel Menthol,

and Johann Sebastian Beach: