The very best slopes so far, I’ve found in Alpes, France, Puy Saint Vincent. The idea was to join the event titled Snowattack in January, 2011. The “package” included a full week long music festival as well, to be concluded with Afrojack performing live.

Techno music has never been among my favorite genres, in fact, I feel more like avoiding it most of the time. But Puy itself was amazing and as far as I can remember, that was the first time when we had our accommodation in a yet-unseen proximity of the slope.


Despite the beauty of the surroundings, I recall this resort and the whole endeavor as the scene of some painful lessons learned. On the one hand, I was not skillful enough – not even among the very beginners. On the other hand, the difficulty of the slopes were everything but suitable for someone with the above mentioned background.

What I learned almost right away, was that there’s really space for a helmet. And as soon as about ten meters further down, I added wrist protectors to my shopping list.

One day went exactly like the other. Getting tired of riding the fakie style during the daylight and trying to recover from that despite the music festival component we kept attending.