One of my best trips in 2007 took me to Houston, Texas, USA. I arrived there at Springtime, and that season was quite hot there. Yet, there was not much going on in the Lamar, so I decided to discover the whole state instead.

I did two major rounds – among my peers, those already were regarded as too much adventure, especially for the long driving. However, driving through the state was an adventure indeed.

My first round was aimed at North, driving up through Dallas, all the way up to Plano. I wanted to check out the famous ranch known from the TV series Dallas. Not that I was a couch potato during the early nineties, but we performed a twisted version of the show to the Drama Festival of high schools in 1993. The success of it was … well, that whole thing would deserve another post.

Coming back to the topic of Southfork Ranch, the history is available here:


After Plano, I went down South, checked out San Antonio and the Mexican Bay right until Galveston.