Tossa de Mar

Spain is one of the few countries I can’t return to without feeling happy and excited. Even if few of the trips were business related. That country is quite far away, at a European scale. And I don’t even speak the language. However, I can understand a lot, as I participated in a language course at the university, back in 2000-2001. So, I could actually say a couple of funny things in Spanish and my best option to try that was jumping out to Tossa de Mar, at the Costa Brava.

In an inspiring setting, as a university normally should be, it is easy to get others join the fun and some of the best people teamed up quite quickly to take this challenge. The challenge was not coming from pretty overwhelming youngsters going away from home, but more from the way we did – we took a bus. An old, crappy, white heap of junk. So we had the pleasure to insert some unplanned stops, the worst one happened at Sagrada Familia, when we lost our cooling water.

This trip, I remember, was the first large one, including many countries, many guided scenes and some good friendships. We took a start from around the university, crossed Hungary ‘all the way’. Then I bought the most expensive soda of my school years in Austria. Crossed Northern-Italy and then the Cote d’Azure.

This was the first time I saw Cannes, Nice and Monaco, the latter being the best on-the-go adventure with the casino entered. All that classy, stylish life going on there – quite attractive to young students. While Monaco being the most adventureous, Nice was the most beautiful among these three.

After France, we kept rolling on through Andorra, Montserrat, right until Tossa de Mar, which was our place to stay at.

Flamenco Night Santa Susanna
Andorra la Vella