2014 also took me to South America for a week. The region, and Buenos Aires specifically, I would consider as something extremely special. Thanks to my hosts, I could get a quick oversight of the city, and as one of them told me, Buenos Aires is a little bit of everything. And that is absolutely true.

You find a bit of Paris, a bit of Madrid, a bit of Miami here. And much more. But despite all that variety, the neighborhood named “La Boca” came to be my absolute favorite.

Sailors, once arrived at the Boca, disassembled their sailing boats and built their houses from those, using paint they would apply on their ships originally. That resulted in an extremely vivid, yet unseen city experience.

One of the two most important football clubs of Buenos Aires – Boca Juniors – is based here, with many props on display of Diego Maradona. River Plate is the major competitor of the team today, and that rivalization brings about severe conflicts among fan groups. Not only that, but I also learned that heart attack while witnessing your team losing the game is actually one of the major fatality drivers.

While discovering the city, you get the feeling that much is going on in the streets themselves. Many are playing football in the parks, walking around, or socializing at open-air venues.

During the day, you easily get the impression of a city in a rush but after dark, you get a wide range of options to have a relaxing night out.

Buenos Aires is a truly fantastic experience, surely a place to return to.