One of my recent trips took me to the Manila, Philippines. Southeast Asia is absolutely special with a European eye. A whole different climate, a very far-away timezone, and so on.

My first touch down in the region happened in 2007, in Singapore. That was when I realized how lively nature around here was and, indeed, I was truly looking forward to see some more around there.

So I tested the paleo bread they were heavily advertising at the airport of Copenhagen and took off for a long one,

this time – again – via Doha, Qatar.

I was stationed in Manila, the most densely populated city in the world. Yet, the city showed no bad sign of that distinctive feature.

What’s more, one short drive takes you to places that are much less urban looking. And I decided to go for it.

This trip was just one segment of a larger set. So, unfortunately, I only had one Sunday afternoon to dedicate to discovering the some bits of the surroundings. But I found a place to take a good rest and a revitalizing jet-ski ride.

With that little time I had, I decided to go to the countryside and spend the afternoon at a beach resort.