Pag is a small island off the coast of Croatia. In functional terms, it is more like a party island. When looking for options to boost the Summer agenda of 2010, our youngest (e.g. U-30 at that time) friend came forward with the idea to visit this place – and to dissolve our apparent concerns, he tried to make it more attractive by telling us about parties that begin at 4 pm.

Thumbs up, and we were on our way to the party island. The beach itself was pretty cool, despite the fact that it is rocky.


But at least the water is clear down to the bottom. And I think that was the only context water came up in during that week.


Anyway, at 4 pm a horn was blown and the beach discos were open. And crowded. The presence of the MC made the whole thing a lot more funny. Then we just kept going from disco to disco all night long up till the early morning.

Some of these discos had a feature we could not see much use of – large led walls with colorful shapes displayed on them. Not until our oldest friend disappeared all of a sudden. He made it to the bar, compiled a considerable batch of 5 vodkas, processed them all in a row and then – having a bit of a hard time, we found him on this wall – both palms on that, dancing quite like a rabid fox. Without this “technology”, we would have had a much more difficult task, like for example seeking for the pieces of a broken blackberry.

Pag is definitely worth visiting – at least once. The music they play is the critical side of the story, as it was entirely techno – so I decided to drive back home after 5 days of listening.

The more serious players don’t drive here – they ride, of course.