Inside the Prototype of Airbus A380

I was a bit disappointed to learn that Airbus A380 will no longer be manufactured. Not good news, for sure. Now that we have a 3-day-long weekend with Whit Monday coming tomorrow, I looked into my travel archives, looking for my old Airbus A380 prototype experience. As next, I ripped the relevant part of a trip I took 10+ years ago to Singapore. What makes this video kind of special, is the fact that most of it was taken inside the – at that time – brand new A380. Specifically, this is the very first instance of it, the prototype itself, as presented at Changi Airport, Singapore.

At that time, I had no strongly defined interest in airplanes. I also had no knowledge of aviation and aeronautics (at least very little compared to the situation today). Please disregard the other remarkably funny feature (e.g.the hairstyle I exhibited) – that surely goes beyond the limits of forgiveness. But anyhow, I have always been an extremely curious guy and got any sneak peak I ever wanted… Enjoy the show: