Rimini, Eat-a-Lee, 2014

Strange that no Summer passes by without going for something in Italy. This one also included one week of seaside fun. Driving all the way to Rimini is kind of long but gives a way better travel experience than an airline trashing you out at yet another airport.

The hotel I booked was rather average in terms of service but at least with a direct, immediate access to the beach. So you can easily have your breakfast with the desired view, making the ritual a bit more extraordinary.

All these beaches offer some activism. Some have motorboats towing you with extreme sideways acceleration, some have music and water gymnastics. Passive rest and gymnastics are non-reconcilable, therefore I kept sticking to proper refreshers.

Huge brain-storming going on in the meantime…

…like what the hack to do…

… even my personal trainer was in suspend mode…IMG_0452

By popular demand, wakeboarding has been decided for. And that was my first time to try a System 2.0 park. The whole thing is way more simple, compared to the rectangular and pentagonal design. One absolutely cool feature is that the handle can be freely fine-positioned alongside the path, and that lets you try tricks, fall, and stand back on without any tortures.

The start itself with this system is a lot smoother, momentum builds up slower, therefore it must be a much easier for someone to begin this sport.  Turning at the two endpoints was actually tighter that in a classic park.

A MasterCraft boat was also available. There will be more to follow on that, in a dedicated post.

As the wake park is located in Ravenna, it was quite an opportunity to check out the local safari.

And then, the “well established” tradition of taking one photo at this spot:

My next stop was Italia in Miniatura. It is a special theme park with many-many landmarks of the country inside, crafted with a pretty high level of detail.